Why LifeCoreFit?

Most people think of exercise as a tool for losing weight, and while it can be great for improving body composition, the real power is in its ability to slow the aging process. With the proper program, you can strengthen your heart, muscles, lungs, and skeleton, while improving brain function and reducing (or eliminating) joint pain. Best of all, exercise increases energy, vitality, and improves your ability to cope with stress.

If you’re like most people, you want to harness the power of exercise to live a life of optimal health and mobility. How to get started?

Misinformation and a lack of real-life guidelines have hindered our ability to take advantage of the wonderful tool that is physical training. This has left a lot of people disappointed, confused, or even scared. That’s where this site comes in.

The purpose of LifeCoreFit is to offer evidence-based fitness and nutrition information for people interested in challenging themselves to find their true individual potential.  With the articles and tips on this site, you’ll have the support you need to optimize your health. After all, exercise is a skill. You need to learn proper form, which exercises are appropriate, and how to progress.

I enjoy working helping people to overcome obstacles so that fitness can be an energizing experience that makes everything about life better. I can provide a personalized mix of exercise, nutrition, and health coaching tailored to your unique goals and ability level so that you can grow and progress at your optimal pace. Please get in touch with questions or if you’d like to explore working with me further.