Solve Low Back Pain With A Yoga Practice

Solve Low Back Pain With A Yoga Practice

Got low back pain?

Exercise is the way to solve it. The key to a pain-free back is to build a strong protective core that will stabilize the pelvis in a neutral position. This will improve alignment of the lumbar spine in the lower back, while allowing you to squat, bend, pivot, and move pain free.

Studies show that a wide range of exercises can reduce low back pain. Most doctors will recommend physical therapy and it is effective, but a recent study found that yoga is equally therapeutic, reducing low back pain and disability by 50%. An interesting benefit of yoga: Low back pain sufferers reported they liked yoga better than PT.

There is evidence of a link between mental stress and low back pain. Yoga is well known for be stress reducing, which may explain why it was so effective. Other benefits of yoga are that it can be done at home with a DVD, and in some cases it may be more cost effective than paying to go to PT.

Yoga also provides a community aspect when you attend class. Connecting with other practitioners may keep you coming back for more.